5 Reasons You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry

5 Reasons You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry

February 1, 2022

The fear of dentistry is a common phobia that affects around 2-6% of the population. This phobia can cause patients to avoid dental care, undergo unnecessary medical procedures, and increase dental anxiety. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can help reduce the phobia. Patients will feel calm throughout the appointment and may even forget it happened afterward.

Sedation dentistry in LA is a form of dental treatment where a sedative is used to relax you during the treatment. It reduces anxiety and phobia by making sure that the patient is comfortable.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a practice that uses safe and effective medications to help you relax during your dental treatment. Sedation can be used for those who have anxiety about visiting the dentist, those undergoing long or multiple treatments, as well as those with low pain tolerance.

Here are five reasons you need to consider getting sedation dentistry near you:

  • Sedation dentistry reduces anxiety and phobia

Sedatives work by depressing the central nervous system. This will help you relax and feel less anxious about the dental procedure. Sedatives are also used to relieve pain.

  • Sedation dentistry is safe.

Just like every medicine, it is vital to know the dosage. Sedatives are meant to be used in small quantities, so they don’t cause any harm to your system. The dentist will use the correct dosage depending on your age and the type of procedure to be performed.

  • Sedation dentistry lowers the number of dental visits required.

Since sedatives help you relax, you will need fewer dental visits to complete the treatment. A dentist near you will be able to work without any disruptions, and this can lower the time spent on the dental chair. Sedation dentistry can be used on dental treatments, from simple teeth cleaning to more complex procedures.

  • Sedation dentistry is cost-effective

The use of sedatives helps minimize the time required to complete a dental procedure, which means that the treatment will not be expensive. Sedation dentistry offers a variety of options to take care of even complex dental problems, and this can help you save more money in the long run by helping your teeth stay healthy for longer.

  • Sedation can reduce your gag reflex.

If you have a gag reflex, sedation dentistry is a great way to reduce it. Sedatives can help you feel more relaxed and calm so that you will not feel the need to gag. This can make dental procedures less stressful and more comfortable for you.

What Are the Types of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedative dentistry is a common dental procedure that uses different types of sedatives to help patients feel less discomfort during a procedure.

  • Oral sedation dentistry

Oral sedation dentistry is a dental procedure where a doctor will prescribe safe doses of medication to help you relax. These medications include nitrous oxide, oral tablets, and injections.

Oral sedation dentistry can be used for routine dental care and more complicated dental procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction or reconstructive surgery.

The doctor may also prescribe pain medication to take home after the procedure.

  • Sleep sedation dentistry

General anesthesia is a drug-induced state that causes a person to be unconscious and unresponsive, so they cannot feel pain. This is done to provide pain relief during medical procedures.

A dentist can recommend sleep dentistry near you when you need complex dental procedures like wisdom teeth to remove or oral surgery. It takes time for the sedatives to wear out, and the dentist may use medication to reduce their effects.

  • Inhaled sedation dentistry

Inhaled dental sedation is a widely used procedure for children and adults with severe anxiety from dental procedures. It takes effect immediately, wears out just as fast, and has minimal side effects.

Our dentist in Mandeville will have you breathe the medication through a mask placed over their nose or mouth that will help them relax before the procedure begins. The drug provides temporary relief of symptoms related to anxiety.

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