Cosmetic Bonding Mandeville, La

Cosmetic Bonding Mandeville, La

Imperfections like chips, cracks, gaps, and stains can distract from a person’s beautiful smile. Many people assume that veneers, braces or whitening treatments are the only way to take care of these issues, but luckily cosmetic dental bonding is an option for many of our patients.

Unlike dental veneers, bonding is done through a tooth-colored composite material. This gives the dentist more options for how it can be used and how it can help you. While bonding typically does not last as long as veneers, it is a faster and less expensive option for repairing your teeth. Interested in cosmetic bonding in Mandeville? Schedule an appointment at our practice today!

Mandeville Dental Bonding Procedure

The material used is made to either match the shade of your other teeth or a whiter shade if whitening is the desired result. Once the tooth that will be receiving the bonding material is prepped, the material is applied, blended with the rest of the tooth and shaped to the dentist’s specifications. A light is used to increase the speed with which the material hardens. Your dentist will lastly finalize the shape and polish the material to bring out a shine similar to a natural tooth.

Ways Cosmetic Bonding in Mandeville Can Help

Considering dental bonding in Mandeville, LA? Cosmetic Bonding can restore your smile in various ways:

  • Eliminate gaps– small gaps that might need orthodontics to fully close can be eliminated with dental bonding.
  • Strengthen teeth – if a tooth or teeth is weakened, dental bonding can help strengthen it to prevent future fractures.
  • Eliminate chips – small chips and cracks can stick out when the rest of the smile looks great. Let bonding erase these issues.