Custom Mouthguards Mandeville, La

Custom Mouthguards Mandeville, La

Chances are that if you play a contact sport, you already wear a mouth guard. However, nothing beats the safety of getting a custom mouth guard, even for sports that are considered non-contact. All it takes is one baseball or tennis ball hit at the right angle to hit you in the mouth and knock a tooth out. For anyone that plays sports in Mandeville, LA, a custom mouth guard made by Beau Sourire Family Dentistry is a must have!

About Our Custom Mouthguards in Mandeville

Mouth guards work by absorbing the force of a blow or trauma to the mouth due to the soft yet durable material they are made from. This is effective for prevention of thousands of dental injuries a year. However, generic mouth guards are made to fit many shapes of mouth and don’t offer the best support.

Process for Mandeville Custom Mouthguards

Your dentist will make an impression of your mouth in order to make a sports mouth guard that is specifically made for you. When a custom mouth guard is made, it prevents pockets of air or spaces to form between the mouth guard and your teeth. These spaces can allow the force of the trauma to still affect the teeth, but with these spaces eliminated, the absorption is at its maximum, and the mouth guard is even more effective.

Custom Sports Mouthguard Mandeville, LA

A small investment in a custom sports mouth guard can prevent you from needing to pay for restorative treatments later on to repair a broken tooth. Veneers, dental implants and crowns are more expensive and more invasive than a simple preventive measure such as a custom mouth guard. Schedule your appointment for a custom sports mouthguard in Mandeville, LA today!