Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Mandeville, LA

It’s more common than many people realize to lose one or more permanent teeth in adulthood. Such tooth loss may not seem significant, but even one missing tooth can create oral health problems for patients across time. Bridges in Mandeville, LA are replacement teeth provided by our dentist near you to patients who have experienced the loss of one or more teeth. If you are interested in dental bridges, contact Dr. Jason Alvarez at Alvarez Dental.

Impact of Tooth Loss on Patients

Tooth loss can impact a patient’s oral health, appearance, and function, even if it’s just one missing tooth. When there is a tooth gap in the mouth, a patient’s existing teeth often shift to fill the gap. This can cause long-term dental health problems. In addition, a visible tooth gap can be detrimental to a patient’s self-confidence in terms of smiling and social interactions. This can have a negative impact on a patient’s personal and professional sense of well-being.

Another impact of tooth loss on patients is the way a tooth gap can interfere with the way they eat, chew, and even speak. This can affect a person’s quality of life, which is why it’s important to consult Dr. Jason Alvarez about restorative measures for overcoming tooth loss and regaining oral health and wellness.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an apparatus that features a replacement, or prosthetic, tooth that is “bridged” by two dental crowns on either side. The dental crowns are affixed to the patient’s teeth on both sides of the tooth gap so that the replacement tooth is anchored in place. This prosthetic tooth restores the patient’s oral function and appearance by eliminating the tooth gap with a replacement that looks and functions as natural as the original tooth.

Dental bridges near you are an effective restorative procedure for patients with one or more tooth gaps in the mouth due to missing teeth. Our dentist in Mandeville, LA will determine if a dental bridge is the solution for you. For more information, contact Dr. Jason Alvarez at Alvarez Dental. We look forward to helping restore your oral health and wellness!

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