Dental Exams & Cleanings In Mandeville, La

Dental Exams & Cleanings In Mandeville, La

You’ve probably been told before (many times) to keep up with your dental appointments twice a year. This recommendation comes from the American Dental Association, and for a good reason – by skipping appointments, you can actually be hurting your dental health. Dental examinations and cleanings are essential to oral health. Ready for your routine dental examination and teeth cleaning? Schedule an appointment today!

Dental Exam Mandeville, LA

Interested in a dental exam in Mandeville? Most oral diseases do not show symptoms until they’re in a more advanced stage but are easier to treat in early stages. For that reason, dental exams are very important. It is during these exams that your dentist can detect signs of trouble that you might not even have noticed and treat them before they become more of a threat. Schedule your Mandeville dental exam today!

Dental Cleanings Mandeville, LA

Think you need dental cleanings in Mandeville? Dental cleanings are also important to your dental health as they remove any traces of plaque or tartar that regular brushing and flossing leave behind. Even the most diligent brushing will leave behind some trace of debris, which can harden into tartar and cause damage to the teeth. Regular cleanings remove this buildup and protect against tooth decay and other issues. Schedule your Mandeville dental cleaning with us today!

Advanced Teeth Cleaning Mandeville, LA

At Beau Sourire Family Dentistry, we use the new air flow system in dental cleaning procedures. The air flow system is very effective in removing tartar and plaque and has the added benefit of being non-irritating to gums.

Traditional dental cleanings consist of your Mandeville hygienist scraping the surface of your teeth with dental tools in order to remove deposits and food. The air flow system is a combination of fine powder for grit, air pressure, and a powerful yet controlled jet of water that is used to polish all surfaces of the teeth so that there is no actual contact with the teeth or gums and the tooth enamel is not damaged. In addition, while traditional tools are incapable of cleaning deep pockets of the gums, the air flow system can reach up to 5 millimeters in depth to provide a thorough (yet comfortable) cleaning.