Dental Fillings In Mandeville, La

Dental Fillings In Mandeville, La

When teeth aren’t properly cleaned, decay can occur, leading to tooth damage. To stop further damage and to return the tooth to its normal function and shape, a filling will be needed.

Types of Dental Fillings in Mandeville, LA

  • Mandeville Gold Fillings – tolerated well by gum tissues and may last more than 20 years. They are made to order in a laboratory and are the most expensive option.
  • Mandeville Amalgam (Silver) Fillings – resistant to wear and are relatively inexpensive. However, because of their coloring, they are very noticeable and are not usually used on highly visible areas, such as the front teeth.
  • Mandeville Composite Fillings – are a mixture of materials and can be made to match the color of your teeth. They are good to be used in areas where a natural appearance is needed, but may chip and wear over time and can become stained from coffee, tea, or tobacco. Depending on usage and care, they can last three to 10 years.
  • Mandeville Porcelain Fillings (also called inlays or onlays) – are made in a lab and are bonded to the tooth. Rather than filling in teeth, porcelain fillings cover them. They can be matched to the color of teeth and are stain-resistant, but the cost is similar to gold fillings.

Procedure for Dental Fillings in Mandeville

Considering dental fillings in Mandeville, LA? Your dentist will examine your teeth during your checkup with a small mirror. If anything looks abnormal, special instruments are then used to check the area more closely before it can be determined that a cavity is present.

To place a traditional filling (not an inlay or onlay), your Mandeville, LA dentist will first remove any decay and clean the affected area. The cavity is then filled with the material of choice. The teeth and gums usually will be numbed with a local anesthetic to prevent any discomfort. The procedure to place a filling usually takes an hour and can be completed in one visit.