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Dental Fillings in Mandeville, LA

Have you been diagnosed with one or more cavities in your teeth? If so, fillings in Mandeville, LA are an essential treatment to restore your teeth to health. In general, cavities are identified during a routine dental exam with our dentist near you. Once Dr. Jason Alvarez has determined that you need a filling, Alvarez Dental will provide the solution and restore you to oral health.

How Did I Get a Cavity?

Cavities are small holes that develop in teeth. They occur when bacteria build up on the surface of a tooth, creating decay in the tooth’s enamel. When the decay infiltrates the enamel layer of a tooth, it will grow worse if untreated and unprotected with a filling.

Bacteria build up on your teeth due to residue in your mouth from eating, drinking, etc. To avoid developing a cavity, it’s essential to have a daily routine of proper brushing and flossing which can reduce the effects of tooth decay. In addition, it’s important for patients to schedule regular exams and cleanings every six months to assess the health of their teeth and gums and identify any cavities before they get worse and result in oral health complications.

How Will a Filling Help?

Patients with one or more cavities must have the decayed portion of the tooth removed and the remaining portion of the tooth cleaned. Since cavities leave small holes in teeth, this vulnerable area must be protected by a filling. Once the filling is in place, after the tooth is cleaned, the tooth is restored to health and it is protected. Of course, it’s best to practice excellent oral hygiene habits to prevent tooth decay and cavities from occurring. A low-sugar, healthy diet can also enhance a patient’s oral health and wellness as a means of fighting tooth decay.

If our dentist in Mandeville, LA has identified a cavity in one or more of your teeth, it’s essential to contact Alvarez Dental to make an appointment for fillings near you. Don’t allow your tooth decay to get worse! Dr. Jason Alvarez will restore your affected tooth to health and protect it from further decay.

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