Dental Implants Mandeville, La

Dental Implants Mandeville, La

When a tooth is missing, many additional issues can start to creep up if the tooth is not replaced:

  • Other healthy teeth can spread and start to look misaligned
  • Remaining teeth will take on extra stress that could lead to cracking or chipping
  • Jawbone underneath the open space can begin to deteriorate

About Our Dental Implants in Mandeville, LA

Avoiding these issues is crucial for your overall health and can easily be done with a replacement of some type. By far, the strongest and longest lasting option is a dental implant with a dental implant restoration attached to the top. While bridges and partial dentures are also a great option, they don’t offer the support of a dental implant and don’t give the high level of confidence.

Process for Dental Implants in Mandeville

Considering Covington dental implants? An oral surgeon will have to take care of the implant, which consists of a titanium post. Once the dental implant has been surgically implanted into the jaw and has fused properly, your dentist can add the restorative crown. Dental crowns are primarily made of porcelain which gives them an appearance very similar to a natural tooth, especially when buffed and shined. The color can be made to match nearly any shade of tooth color. Since they are custom made, they can also be made to perfectly match the shape and look of neighboring teeth. The strength of dental implants restorations also allows the wearer to chew and eat as if they still had the natural tooth.

Get Dental Implants in Mandeville

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