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Dental Sealants in Mandeville, LA

One exciting moment of parenthood is the first appearance of a tiny white tooth emerging from your child’s gum. Over a period of five or six years, the rest of your child’s teeth begin to come in. The back teeth, called molars, can be difficult to keep clean. Therefore, our dentist near you recommends sealants in Mandeville, LA. Alvarez Dental offers dental sealants as a means of protecting your child’s back teeth and enhancing their long-term oral health and wellness.

Why Do Molars Benefit from Sealants?

As back teeth that are responsible for chewing, molars feature many crevices in their surfaces that can trap food particles. These remnants, if not cleaned away properly, break down into bacteria which can cause tooth decay. Dental sealants offer a protective coating for the surface of molars which reduces the chance of food particles becoming trapped and resulting in cavities or other harmful effects of tooth decay.

How Can I Help My Child Prevent Tooth Decay?

Dental sealants provided by Dr. Jason Alvarez are an excellent means of reducing the harmful effects of tooth decay in your child’s molars. However, sealants are not a replacement for daily oral hygiene habits. Parents should ensure that their children understand the proper ways to brush and floss thoroughly each day to prevent tooth decay. If you are uncertain about how to effectively teach your child these techniques, our dental care team is happy to provide guidance and support.

Another consideration for helping your child prevent tooth decay is limiting their sugar intake in the form of food and drinks. A healthy diet can reduce the risk of cavities, especially in molars.

If your child’s molars have appeared through the gum tissue, it’s time to consider sealants near you with our dentist in Mandeville, LA. This preventive procedure will reduce the risk of cavities and other harmful effects of tooth decay in these back teeth. Dr. Jason Alvarez and our staff at Alvarez Dental are committed to the oral health and wellness of your child for the long term. Make an appointment to get dental sealants as a protective measure!

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