Dentures & Partials In Mandeville, La

Dentures & Partials In Mandeville, La

When you are missing some, or all of your teeth, many additional issues can begin to present themselves in addition to the aesthetic issues that prevent many people from smiling. Dentures are an ideal option for anybody who needs to have teeth replaced. Dentures are made from very realistic materials that mimic natural gum tissue and teeth. Schedule your appointment for dentures in Mandeville right away!

About Our Dentures in Mandeville

Want to replace your missing teeth? Considering dentures in Mandeville, LA? Depending on your current oral health, there are two main denture options available:

  • Full Dentures – When all of the teeth are missing on the top or bottom arch of the mouth, full dentures are required.
  • Partial Dentures – When there are still some viable teeth left, a custom partial denture is created to effectively fill in the spaces around these teeth and support them, so they continue to remain healthy.

Benefits of Dentures in Mandeville, LA

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, our Covington dentures have various benefits which include:

  • Prevent facial sagging – when teeth are missing, the face can start to have a sunken look, which can cause a person to prematurely look older. Dentures in Covington, LA fill in that space to restore a more desirable facial appearance.
  • Eat with ease – eating food with little or no teeth is very difficult. Many people are forced to drastically modify their diet and eating is still a hassle. The strength of dentures gives the wearer the ability to chew and eat effectively.
  • New denture technology – dentures can now be secured in place via dental implants or inconspicuous clips, which is much more desirable than the previous methods of suction and adhesive.
  • Regain your smile – when missing teeth, people tend to smile a lot less. Smiling more actually triggers the brain to send more endorphins to your body, which boosts the mood!