Sedation Dentistry Mandeville, La

Sedation Dentistry Mandeville, La

Thanks to sedation dentistry, patients are able to feel comfortable and not feel pain during dental appointments. The most common type of sedation used for dentistry is gaseous sedation, also known by laughing gas to many people. This gas is inhaled through a mask on the patient’s face and brings on a calming and relaxing feeling.

In addition to gaseous sedation dentistry, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area that is getting dental work done. Schedule your appointment with sedation dentistry in Mandeville today!

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Mandeville

Think you’d benefit from sedation dentistry in Mandeville, LA? Some of the many ways that sedation dentistry helps both patients and dentists:

  • Allows dentists to get more done in one session. For patients that require multiple fillings or have to get a combination of procedures, this allows them to schedule fewer appointments and get more accomplished in one visit.
  • People have different pain thresholds, and some feel discomfort from a simple cleaning or exam. Sedation dentistry lets all patients get the procedures they need without discomfort.
  • Certain procedures can be lengthy and detailed. Without sedation dentistry, these procedures might not even be possible. Also helps fidgety patients or patients with ADHD stay relaxed during a lengthy procedure.

Schedule Your Mandeville Sedation Dentistry

Many people have anxieties about visiting the dentist, and some even have intense phobias. It is estimated that between 9% – 20% of Americans are not getting the dental help they need due to this. Let us know if anxiety has prevented you from visiting the dentist before so your dentist can plan accordingly. Schedule your appointment for sedation dentistry in Mandeville, LA today!