Teeth Grinding Treatment

Teeth Grinding in Mandeville, LA

Concerned you or your child may be damaging your teeth due to teeth grinding, also called bruxism? Give Alvarez Dental in Mandeville, LA, a call to schedule an exam today. Dr. Jason Alvarez will be happy to examine you and check for any damage or areas of concern.

Bruxism is most common in children, but it can affect adults, too. While often harmless, severe or prolonged teeth grinding can damage oral health and may be a sign of another disorder.

Evaluating Bruxism

In order to determine whether you have bruxism, the dentist will perform an oral examination and also ask a few questions. Questions will likely cover topics like your general health, as well as oral hygiene and sleep habits.

Sometimes bruxism can be caused by a sleep disorder. If the dentist suspects this may be the case, you will be referred to a sleep specialist for further evaluation. A sleep specialist will observe your teeth grinding during sleep in order to determine if it may be caused by a sleep disorder.

If not, your bruxism may or may not need treatment based upon the severity.

Often, teeth grinding is not persistent or severe enough to need treatment. If it does need treatment, many patients benefit from simple interventions like a mouthguard. If you have bruxism that does not require treatment, your dentist will still evaluate you during regular exams to check for changes.

Treatment Options

Usually, bruxism is treated with the least invasive option possible, so your treatment will depend on the severity of any damage your teeth grinding is causing. Common treatments are:

If oral damage is minor and the goal is to prevent future damage, a mouthguard can help. These are typically worn only at night, so it will only help if the teeth grinding occurs during sleep.

  • Behavior Changes

If the grinding is being caused by incorrect jaw posture, your dentist may work with you to make behavior changes to help align your jaw better.

  • Tooth Repair

If your teeth grinding has caused significant tooth damage or sensitivity, it may need to be repaired. This can be done with crowns, veneer, and other options depending on circumstance.

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