Teeth Whitening Mandeville, La

Teeth Whitening Mandeville, La

Considering in-office teeth whitening in Mandeville? Most people would like a whiter smile. There are several options available to achieve this, from toothpaste and tooth rinses to professional treatments at the dentist’s office. At Beau Sourire Family Dentistry, we offer GLO in-office teeth whitening. Schedule your professional teeth whitening treatment in Mandeville today!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Mandeville

GLO stands for Guided Light Optic teeth whitening. It funnels heat and a neon blue light into a form-fitted mouth tray. The intensity of the light and heat in the tray prevents active oxygen from escaping the tooth’s surface, which is meant to speed up the whitening process while reducing tooth sensitivity.

Procedure for Teeth Whitening in Mandeville, LA

Before starting, your dentist will help you pick out the desired shade for your newly-whitened smile. For the GLO teeth whitening treatment, the teeth will first be pumiced to remove surface stains and biofilm. This creates a clean surface for the whitening gel to be in direct contact with the teeth enamel. Your lips are not neglected during the procedure – a special lip treatment will be applied to protect and soothe the soft tissue. A retractor will be placed in the mouth to keep the lips open and allow easy access to all of the teeth. The teeth and gums will be air dried before the GLO gingival barrier, and whitening gel is applied. A mouthpiece will then be inserted into the mouth to apply the light treatment. After two to four 8-minute applications, with a reapplication of the whitening gel in between each light application, the treatment will be complete. The length of treatment depends on the patient’s age, tooth sensitivity, starting shade, and desired shade.

After the treatment is completed, it’ll be recommended that you avoid eating anything that can stain a white t-shirt for about 48 hours. Continuing the treatment with the GLO Science Professional Take Home Kit can help to stabilize and maintain your bright new smile.