Your First Visit

So you have decided to join us as a new patient? We at Alvarez Dental always look forward to meeting our new patients and getting to know them a bit. Instead of just jumping in and examining your mouth, we love to get to know you a bit more so we can learn how to give you the best dental care possible. Small details like how you brush, or how much you snack or even if you had braces when you were younger can greatly help our team get to know you!

Your Dental Exam

Once the examination begins, your dentist will thoroughly check your teeth, gums, cheeks, lips, and all other soft tissue surfaces of the mouth. Oral health is about much more than just healthy teeth, and we want to make sure that all parts of the mouth are healthy.

An important part of the first visit is to look for any issues that can be corrected easily. Cavities that require fillings are the most common dental issue found during first visits. Your dentist will also take x-rays of the mouth to see if there are any issues under the surface such as a hidden cavity or an infection affecting the roots of a tooth.

The Dental Cleaning

To finish, a thorough cleaning will ensure that all built up tartar and plaque is removed. These cannot be removed at home and require a trained professional to remove them.

We are also happy to offer a New Patient Special featuring a cleaning, full exam and x-rays! Check out the promotions section of our website for more information.